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Trauma and Neuro-Divergent Informed Home Services

As neuro-divergent clinicians and staff, we understand and know how difficult it is keeping on top of maintaining the indoor and outdoor living spaces especially when trauma or neuro-divergence traits are present. We support people to have homes, gardens and living spaces that they are both proud of and that allows them to live comfortably and authentically.

Given that processes such as cleaning, tidying, organising, washing, putting away things, gardening and even setting up a space can be highly overwhelming and anxiety inducing for people, we offer people a range of flexible and non-judgemental options of identifying and addressing a situation.

We also offer general home maintainence and handy person services that are non-judgemental, understanding, queer friendly and trauma informed. 

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Trauma and Neuro-Divergent Informed Cleaning

We offer a range of options to support and help you to set up and maintain indoor spaces that fill your cup rather than overwhelm you.

These services include:

Body Doubling

Traditional House Cleaning

Rubbish Disposal


Clothes Washing and Tidying


Traditional Tidying and Organising

Trauma Informed Gardening and Yard Maintainence

Similarly to cleaning, a lot of people struggle to maintain outdoor spaces. At the same time, research tells us that outdoor spaces are incredibly helpful for our emotional and mental health and wellbeing. So how can we have a space that helps rather than impacts our psychological wellbeing?

Well thats where we come in!

Our gardener/permaculturist works with you to plan outdoor spaces that meet your time, energy and ability needs. From there we work to implement the plan and then help or support you to maintain your outdoor space. In addition, our social workers or psychologists can provide therapeutic services in your outdoor spaces to increase your emotional and mental wellbeing in the comfort of your home

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