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The Iceberg Foundation is a commitment to supporting you to address any barriers to you finding and maintaining your joy and your favourite self

Helping Hands

Our Purpose
Who we are and what we do

We firmly believe that all people deserve the space, time and support to navigate the peaks and valleys of life. We walk alongside our service participants whilst they learn new skills and build their toolbox to work towards their goals and wellbeing.

Our Vision
What we are trying to achieve

A world in where people have access to support in order to find and maintain joy and ease in their lives through community and celebration

Gay Pride
Dancing in Park

Our Values
The foundation of our work and organisation

  • We believe in compassion over empathy because we believe in your experiences rather than our interpretation of your experiences.

  • We are firmly built for and with the diversity of the SOGIESC and neurodivergent communities.

  • We are courageous in creatively and revolutionarily supporting you and your multiplicities.

  • We invest in community joy, capacity, belonging and people’s favourite selves.

  • We compassionately provide you with easeful spaces and opportunities for collaborative work.

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