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The Social and Emotional Learning First (SELF) Model

The  SELF Model is a whole-of-school approach to teacher and student mental health. We are committed to teacher wellbeing and students' social and emotional competencies. We believe teachers know their students best, so we provide evidence-based interventions that support teachers and school leaders to do what they do best.

The SELF Model provides comprehensive training, clinical supervision, communities of practice and leadership engagement over two schooling terms. It supports a culture of wellbeing throughout the entire school by focusing on teachers first. Our team supports teachers in addressing health and wellbeing barriers within and outside the school.

Clinical supervision services

Supporting teachers to achieve and maintain emotional and mental wellbeing as well as increasing a teacher's capacity to improve students' social and emotional competencies

Youth Mental Health first aid training

Preparing teachers to recognise, and provide mental health first aid to students experiencing a new, existing or a worsening mental health issue or illness in their lives

Communities of practice 

We strongly believe that teachers hold a wealth of experience, skill, knowledge and understanding. We facilitate a sharing of these resources across The SELF Model participants to increase capacity

Evaluation and feedback of participants 

We work closely with all participants to evaluate the implementation of The SELF Model in order to provide recommendations on further training, support and opportunities for teachers, students and schools

leadership engagement and feedback

Working with the leadership team including the principal, we use a whole of school approach to improve wellbeing for teachers and SEL competencies of students by understanding need and capacity

The SELF Model resources database

We all need resources that help us put any training into practice. That is why we provide all SELF Model participants with a database of resources to support them to implementing sound SEL practices

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