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Therapeutic Support Services

We offer a range of online and in-person services for individuals, families and groups. We use evidence-based therapies and techniques to help you identify goals, plan steps to achieving them and navigate anything that comes up on your journey.


We work with you to recognise and reflect on your strengths, current coping mechanisms, areas for improvement, unhelpful thoughts and behaviour patterns that you consciously and unconsciously engage in. We focus on building and learning new positive coping strategies or reinforcing existing ones to increase your psychological well-being and competency.

Therapy Closeup

Support from a psychologist to help you work through the big and small things that matter to you

Psychotherapy Session

Support from a counsellor to work through your thoughts, beliefs, stuckness, and actions


Therapy to gain freedom from emotional and physical distress of a past trauma, present trigger or future fear.

Classmates in the Library

A space for you to debrief, learn, explore, grow and investigate how the work impacts on you and how you impact on your work

Child Psychologist

Support from a social worker to navigate your past, present and future barriers to finding and being your favourite self

Coffee at the Beach

A range of NDIS support and therapeutic services available for all NDIS participants whose funding is plan or self managed.

Free 30 Minute Consult

To figure out if we are the right 'fit' for you, we offer all first time service users with a 30 minute phone or zoom consult. 

Contact us today to book in a free 30 minute consult with a clinician

To provide people with flexibility and to reduce barriers, we offer after hours, weekend and outreach appointments on request.

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