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Our resources including our blog posts, thoughts, tips/tricks, videos and general musings are based on people's lived or living experience, training, professional development and special interests. We strongly acknowledge and respect people's stories and hope that you find some of the content here to be useful to you. If there is a topic you would like to learn more about or have feedback about any of our resources, please send us as email:

Blog Posts:

Future Glitch

8 minutes

What is monotropism?

What makes autistic experience?

Is it based around a series of diagnosable deficits?


Or is it different brains having different strategies for allocating interest, focus, and attention?

Learn about monotropism, a theory developed by autistic people to understand neurodivergent and autistic experiences.


2 minutes

Pride in Place: A dedicated Victorian program for LGBTQIAPSB+ people navigating homelessness

Learn about Pride in Place: a dedicated Victorian program for LGBTQIAPSB+ people navigating homelessness


7 minutes

Queerness and Colonisation

Queer folk have existed everywhere since time immemorial. However, many communities are affected by ongoing colonisation. Nevertheless, Queer Indigenous communities continue to live, resist, and thrive, including in so-called Australia. 

This blog post explores themes of queerness and colonisation and lists community-run services for LGBTIAQSBP+ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Image credit: Cree Painter, George Littlechild

Sahara Desert

2 minutes

Neurospiciness and the heat

Feeling Irritable in the Heat?

Here's How Heatwaves Can Affect Your Mental Health


3 minutes

What does it mean to be identity-affirming?

What do we mean when we say we are identity affirming?


What does it mean to be neurodiversity affirming?

What does it mean to be LGBTIAQSBP+ affirming?

Read this blog post to find out more.

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